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Vitamin Injections
H2T Skin and Laser Center

Boost Your Health & Well-being 

Why Choose H2T Skin and Laser Center for Vitamin Injections?

H2T Skin and Laser Center in Foxboro, Franklin, and Norwood, MA, offers a variety of vitamin injections to help you achieve your goals. Hydrate, feel better, and seize the day with the energy and proper balance that comes from a well-nourished body. 

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Vitamin Injections at a Glance

  • Boost your health and well-being with essential vitamins delivered directly into your bloodstream.
  • Quick and convenient in-office injections.
  • Variety of options to target specific needs.
  • Minimal downtime and side effects.
  • Long-lasting results with regular treatments.

Fast Track Your Wellness 

What are Vitamin Injections?

Vitamin injections are a safe and effective way to deliver essential nutrients directly into your bloodstream. This bypasses the digestive system, ensuring optimal absorption and quicker results compared to oral supplements. H2T Skin and Laser Center offers a variety of vitamin injection options to target specific needs:

Skinny Shot

It promotes weight loss by helping release fatty deposits, stimulate fat removal, and prevent cholesterol build-up. It is the ultimate boost for weight loss support.


  • Helps release fatty deposits
  • Stimulates fat removal
  • Prevents Cholesterol build-up

Main Ingredients: Filled with essential amino acids: Methionine, Choline, Cyanocobalamin.

Immunity Shot

Supports a healthy immune system to fight off infection and speed up recovery from illness.


  • Protects against infection
  • Faster recovery from illness
  • Supports immune system

Main Ingredients: Vitamin C, Zinc, Glutathione

Vitality Shot

Enhances energy, mood, and memory with ingredients like Vitamin B12.


  • Enhances mood
  • Regulates sleep and appetite
  • Detoxify body
  • Increases red blood cell production
  • boosts energy and metabolic rate

Main Ingredients: Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12)

Beauty Shot

Keep your skin light, bright, and fresh with ingredients that strengthen hair and nails, improve skin texture, and reduce the effects of stress.


  • Strengthen hair and nails
  • Slow aging
  • Improve skin and scarring
  • erase age spots
  • Detoxify the liver
  • Reduce effects of stress

Main Ingredients: Glutathione

Vitamin D Shot

Combats Vitamin D deficiency to improve sleep, mood, and overall health.

Life on the D-List!

As an H2T A-lister, make sure to get on our D-list now! According to a 2023 systematic review of 8 million people, 78% of North Americans are Vitamin D deficient! In New England, it is likely even higher.

The problems with oral supplements are that:

  1. We’re not taking enough
  2. It doesn’t absorb well

Low vitamin D is associated with poor sleep, exhaustion, fatigue, bone weakness, muscle pain/weakness/spasms, depression, moodiness, hair loss, dark eye circles, pale skin, tingling in the hands and feet, and lower immunity.

Join our D-list for a series of 6 weekly D shots for $300! After that, transition to monthly maintenance dosing at $50 per shot. 

More Than Just A Shot 

What is the Vitamin Injection procedure like?

The vitamin injection procedure is quick and easy. One of our expert providers will discuss your goals and recommend the right injection for you. The injection itself takes just a few minutes and is administered in a comfortable, private setting.

Defy Vitamin Deficiency 

What are the benefits of Vitamin Injections?

Vitamin injections offer a number of benefits over traditional oral supplements:

  • Faster and more effective absorption of essential nutrients.
  • Convenient and time-saving – no need to take multiple pills daily.
  • Targeted delivery to address specific health concerns.
  • Reduced risk of digestive upset is sometimes associated with oral supplements.
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Boost, Beautify, Balance 

Am I a candidate for Vitamin Injections?

Vitamin injections are safe for most healthy adults. However, a consultation with our qualified staff will help determine if they are right for you.

Level Up Your Health 

Vitamin Injections Recovery

Vitamin injections require minimal downtime. You may experience mild discomfort at the injection site, but this usually resolves quickly.

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Optimize Your Nutrient Levels 

Vitamin Injections Results

You may begin to feel the effects of vitamin injections within a few days, with optimal results achieved after a series of treatments. The longevity of results depends on the specific injection and your individual needs.

Vitamin Injections

Frequently Asked Questions

The frequency of injections will vary depending on the chosen formula and your individual needs. Your H2T provider will create a personalized treatment plan for you.

Vitamin injections are generally safe with minimal side effects. You may experience some mild discomfort at the injection site, but this is usually temporary.

Vitamin injections can be combined with many other aesthetic treatments offered at H2T Skin and Laser Center. We will discuss your goals and recommend the best course of treatment.