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At H2T Skin and Laser Center, we've also taken the exciting jump into the world of hair restoration procedures. Not only can our expert staff help you keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful... we can also fix thinning hair, give you a more youthful looking hairline, and restore your confidence with a full head of hair.

If you're looking for more information about hair loss, what causes it, tip and tricks to reduce thinning or improve growth, and more... the H2T Hair Restoration Blog is here to answer those questions. When you're done reading, give us a call today to find out if you're a good candidate for hair restoration.


Noticing hair loss when you look in the mirror in the morning can be a jolt.  Being aware of the best ways to combat this situation is vital.

Top Causes Of Hair Loss 

Hair loss can be confusing, especially if no one in your family has had hair issues previously. After all, hair loss is hereditary… right?

Types Of Hair Loss 

When you start to notice a receding hairline, hair thinning, decreasing hair volume, or a widening hair part, it's normal to focus on the change to your appearance.

What Is Androgenic Alopecia 

Androgenic alopecia is the most common form of hair loss. So-called pattern baldness – which occurs in both men and women – is an inherited trait and largely based on genetics.

Common Hair Transplan Myths

The myths about hair transplants – like many other common myths – have their roots in history. Let’s address this history, look at where it all came from, and give you the facts on modern hair transplant procedures.

Diseases And Hair Loss

Human health is complicated and so is our hair health. The interconnectedness of the human endocrine system and other health factors – and their impact on hair health and hair loss – is a growing area of research and information.

Male Psychology Hair Loss

Losing your hair can quickly have a negative effect on your self-esteem and leave you depressed, but what if depression also causes you to lose your hair? For many men, questions about male psychology and hair loss are intertwined. Mental illness can impact your hair health and hair health can impact mental illness.

The Demasculinization of the Western Man

It’s true, men are walking around these days with half the level of testosterone that our fathers and grandfathers had. Why is that?